This tour is being created for 2016

10-14 days in Colombia – March 2016 – This will start in Cartegena, one of the most interesting and attractive places we have ever been to. We met a transplanted Frenchman there, who is a local movie star, and along with some European movie people, he has renovated and created an incredibly beautiful Spanish Colonial Palace, which is where we would stay for 4 days. We will eat so well at local restaurants, visit some wonderful art and architecture, and take boat trips to some outlying islands. We still need to visit the Castle, so that too will be in this program!

Then we would head eastwards along the coast to a lovely nature reserve for a few more days. Colombia has the greatest diversity of bird life in the world, so we will see many of these wonderfully coloured birds. After that, Bogota, an extraordinary place, for a few days, seeing the historical sites, including the impressive gold museum, the delightful Botero museum and meeting some interesting Colombians in informal settings to learn more about the country. The trip culminates with 3 or 4 days on the Amazon on the Colombia/Peru Border…

An experience not to be missed. ‚Äč