The Serra Cafema Camp is truly one of the most remarkable wilderness camps in the world.  It is located in the north-west of Namibia on the fast-flowing Kunene River, which rushes past some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, and which is the border between Namibia and Angola. The camp is a haven of comfort in this rocky and desolate environment.  It’s peaceful elegance blends into the natural desert surroundings where a visitor cannot but marvel at the splendour and solitude of the nature. It is reachable only by air.

The camp consists of eight thatched villas, a main lounge area, indoor and outdoor dining areas, a library, curio shop, and a swimming pool nestled among albida trees. Each villa is exceptionally comfortable and consists of an en-suite bathroom, ceiling fans, mosquito nets, and elevated decks with beautiful views of the Kunene River.

With such close proximity to the Kunene River, guests can enjoy the sounds of the soothing rushing water while noticing the contrast to the surrounding dry desert. As the only permanent source of water in this region, a lush oasis has been created along the river’s banks which surrounds the camp. Boating trips on the Kunene River provide guests with an opportunity to view the large population of Nile crocodiles and a variety of birds like the long-billed lark that live near the river. Small herds of wildlife can also be seen taking refreshment at the river.

A day at the camp includes unique accommodations, all meals, laundry, and camp activities to give guests a full experience of the Namib desert. Encounter and learn about the local Himba community, a semi-nomadic and traditional native people who survive in the most remarkable conditions of aridity, and seem so happy for it. Venture into the desert on a guided quad bike excursion or nature drive, and learn about the fascinating habitat and means of preserving this landscape. Take your sundowner on the top of a hill and be spellbound by the vistas lit by the setting sun. In our view, Serra Cafema is the climax of any visit to Namibia.

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