Having just reopened its doors September 1, 2014 after completely rebuilding its concession, the &Beyond Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge provides for an incomparable wildlife adventure. The lodge features the best the Delta has to offer—exceptional design, breathtaking wildlife views and warm, welcoming local hospitality. A rare privilege indeed. A Botswana Safari doesn’t come much better than this !

At the Sandibe Okavango Lodge, there is a lot of everything one would expect from a dream Safari holiday—and more. Guests will rise to the sound of animals around them awakening to the day as well, then trail in the footsteps of elephants as they walk the ancient paths that bisect the forest. Days are spent exploring a maze of papyrus and exploring the wide floodplains in search of wildlife. The lodge’s exceptional design creates a sense of space and grandeur where guests can revel in one of Africa’s most untouched landscapes, drinking in the serene beauty of the unique natural spectacle that lies right on their doorstep.

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