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What others say about us

“We have each individually and together said that this trip was wonderful not only because we saw parts of South Africa...personal and evocative for you...that we might otherwise never have experienced. But also travelling with your great group of friends which we may now say are our friends as well”

JF (Canada)

“…so much to thank you for. You both really did a great job of organizing a wonderful trip for us all. Each of our destinations was different and wonderful, and we did so enjoy the company and the great conversations we had. We especially enjoyed the opportunity to meet your South African friends ……… and learned so much from them. It was wonderful to have everything so well taken care of and not have to worry about a thing!”

SCK (Pakistan)

“Many thanks again for organising this great trip and giving us another excellent opportunity to better know South Africa and understand the challenges faced by the people and the government. It was also super to get to know your friends and we enjoyed so much meeting with all of you.”

DC (France)

We arrived home safely after the "Trip of a lifetime." It will take a few weeks to loose all the excess weight, but the memories will last forever. Thanks for all the hard work to organize such a flawless trip


We cannot thank you and Suzie enough for organizing such a marvellous and memorable trip…. a fabulous discovery of South Africa, loads of fun with a great group of people. We enjoyed every minute and every encounter……. such a magnificent trip, introducing us to your fascinating friends and giving us such great memories….. We had the BEST time. Really the most wonderful discovery and holiday. We feel so relaxed and energized! You …..are MARVELLOUS leaders. Mission accomplished. We loved South Africa and we REALLY enjoyed ourselves. Where do we sign up for the next trip?

PL (France)

Despite travel fatigue and jetlag, we have been waxing eloquent to everyone who asks about our trip. It was an extraordinary opportunity and experience for us. Thanks again to you and Susie.” “We really had a spectacular trip. The Doulls took us to such a rich variety of venues, organized our days so that each one was filled with interesting experiences and selected wonderful lodging and dining. Our travelling group of eight became fast friends and we hope for reunions. The friends of the Doulls who joined us for various dinners added a special dimension to our South Africa experience. We really felt that we left with a good understanding of the country.


We really had a wonderful time, and are immensely grateful to Susie and Adrian for assembling such a fun group.” Really a terrific and memorable trip. We loved meeting all of the participants and thank Susie and Adrian for orchestrating and organizing such a fabulous “Grand Tour” of South Africa!


I just realized that I never really thanked you properly for the wonderful trip you organized--we still pinch ourselves that we were in SA and had so many wonderful experiences--and it was wonderful to spend time with you and Adrian--a real treat!


We hope the rest of your trip went as well as the portion we shared with you. We can't stop talking about what a great experience it was. We’re really enjoying our pictures and happy memories.

GW (Canada)

Thank you for your great leadership and personal insights which added significant value to our trip.

TB (Canada)

We cannot tell you what a fabulous time we had under your guidance and leadership. K and C also happen to be here and we all met for lunch. We all agreed that you and Susan made the trip. C could not stop speaking about how impressed he was with your knowledge and your organization, which we completely agreed with. We would never had the experiences we had, without your entrée.

TS (Canada)

Thank you again for a wonderful holiday. You and Susan are gracious hosts and I thoroughly appreciated every experience in South Africa. It was my first time traveling with a group and I had great companions.

JS (Canada)

I hope that you had some real R&R after we all cleared out. Your trips are SO MUCH WORK, but divine in every sense for us. I have been having a great time 'reliving' by going through the photos and writing up my diary.

JF (Canada)

It was a great trip, beautiful countries, people and exceptionally good group of friends. N and I had great pleasure and enjoyed the beautiful landscape and atmosphere of the group. The relaxing and friendly atmosphere contributed to the success of our tour. Good organization as well indeed.

DC (Switzerland)

M and I got back safe and sound, and very happy a few hours ago, glowing from our wonderful trip of discovery to Namibia, crowned by the last wonderful days at Wolwedans. We have had long, hot showers, washing off the last grains of red sand from Sossusvlei. Yesterday afternoon we arranged with J and the W’s to have drinks in the Johannesburg airport to ease the pain of separation. We had the most fantastic time with you. We cannot thank you enough for organizing and managing such a wonderful trip. Commendable travels indeed! Many many thanks and heartiest congratulations.”

PL (France)

Thank you for including us in a truly wonderful and really very memorable trip. Your planning and organization was excellent from the elegant Quartier Francais to sublime Tswalu, magnificent Mushara, the amazing Fish River Canyon and the spectacular Wolwedans. We thoroughly enjoyed all your guests, it was an interesting mix of people
(all type A's) and both M and I feel we have made some good new friends. Our lunches, dinners and drives - especially in the army surplus vehicle - will never be forgotten. Quite frankly, I am beginning to feel a bit bored at home. Horse Riding was really a highlight for me and I am very grateful that you were able to organize that piece.


I hope you are recuperating from our fantastic East African adventure. It was a magnificent trip and we loved every lion and elephant and leopard filled minute! Adrian and Susie you put together a wonderful trip. We had wonderful travelling companions too. Many Thanks for the memorable anniversary celebrations and all the fun! It was such a fantastic trip...we are so grateful for everything you both did to make it so memorable.

(PL. Canada)

My animal photographs are extraordinary and have already dazzled grandchildren in London and Toronto, as well as R. and our girls. It would challenge credulity to think that we saw all these exceptional beasts, and birds, and in such large numbers, without a photographic record. And as always happens, our travels to Mozambique, Zanzibar and the Serengeti, have made me much more interested in all that is going on in Africa at the present time. A very interesting and stimulating trip with you and Adrian as always, and with your great circle of travelling friends.

JF. (Canada)

South Africa was the best vacation ever for me. I could have stayed forever