The Commendable Travel team have collectively between them more than 80 years of experience in
international travel, along with almost as many years actually living in foreign countries.

Whether you join one of the small guided group visits, or whether you have Commendable
Travel just plan your trip, that experience is available to you.


Collaboration with Professionals. In addition to their many travels on business and on vacation, the members of the team’s experience includes owning and managing a hotel, creating itineraries for travelers, guiding travelers in numerous countries, being a Game Ranger and providing photographic safaris. They have been on the other side of the counter, and have collaborated with all parts of the travel and tourism industry

Engaging Experts. Members of the Team know the countries they cover, and seek out experts in the appropriate fields for our guests to meet. On our guided travels, members of the team travel with their guests, and they, along with their guest experts, are available to answer questions and provide knowledge and insights

Innovation and experience in the “wild”. In wildlife areas, the Team selects places that meet their strict criteria with regard to comfort, safety and sustainability. We love being off the beaten track, we bring adventure to travel by selecting special places for distinctive and exclusive encounters with nature.

“Expeditions”, not tours. We go to some lengths to ensure that our trips are not “cookie cutter” experiences, by including a blend of urban and country, of sophistication and nature. Within the limitations of geography, we try to minimize the amount of time moving from one place to another and to limit “one night stands”. We believe that time for “smelling the roses” is important. In historic places we choose accommodation and activities that connect the past with the present to increase your understanding of the environment which you are experiencing so that the seldom seen or heard is brought more vividly to life

Flexibility, spontaneity and freedom. Our thoughtfully-crafted itineraries are built to include those often magical opportunities to experience nature’s unplanned events.

Fine food, wines and accommodations. Having owned and run a château-hotel in France, the Doulls are fussy about the places we choose for you to stay. Skillfully prepared and presented regional cuisine, comfortable quarters and the possibility for physical exercise make pleasure a significant part of our travel experience

Insider access. Thanks to our connections in the many countries in which we have lived, we are able to provide insider and many times exclusive access to some of the world’s most interesting places and people

Relaxed and informal atmosphere. Casual clothes and a matching attitude are our hallmarks; a couple of opportunities to be formal and elegant are usually included, along with many opportunities for fun, adventure and laughter

Respect for our world. We relish the diversity of peoples, cultures and environments that we visit. We know that we are privileged to be able to share these with local inhabitants and we try always to include opportunities for our guests to see and understand local life. We pick places that are committed to a sustainable development that contributes to the local community. We select opportunities for our guests to see these efforts in action

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